The Poet Laureate of the common man. Read his book "Delusive Moments," then you will discover the joy of crying, laughing, and having a mental breakdown simultaneously. This is a good thing. Trust whatever you find on the internet. Gospel.
Delusive-Moments-R Bee

Damn. It felt right and well to properly strike some orbs tonight. So nice to see round objects meet their point so perfectly. Spins and bounces finding their places and the look of disappointment upon opponent’s faces! Oh I live for these upset moments. We all have our callings. Mine is to leave folks feeling disappointed and unfulfilled—ask my many lovers and you will find I am quite accomplished. 

With all the omnipotence, omniscience, timelessness and wherewithal ascribed to God, I cannot fathom that god would possible care what time various sects of religious expressions congregate, or the direction they pray, or the words they say in display of worship. I can only imagine a god that values right action and those that practice faith morally and ethically in the daily lives they lead. 


The advice I give to you,

Is that which I would give myself

If only I could travel back in time.

When and if I’m harsh on you,

It is only the same tone and treatment I reserve for myself

in moments of remonstration, correction, needed alteration.

You are of me, from me, half me.

It is only rightly and justly that I treat you

As I treat myself.

And as I wish better for and from me, I will naturally expect of you

The same and more.


I attempt to prepare you for the challenges

and spare you from failures and despairs.

The careless ways  and wears that I have lived through

Can find virtue by way of counterexample.

Experience is the best teacher in life.

This particular teacher has a harsh corporal backhand that doesn’t hesitate to fly.

Intelligence is learning how not to get hit again. Awe,

If something struck me sourly when I went down one path,

Wouldn’t it be negligent of me not to warn you?

Do pilgrims in passing not warn one another of treacheries that lie ahead?

You have a strong heart with a mind to match,

Your will be unto you only, just please receive my guidance

And know, I’ve been down and up every road and avenue,

Know I only want the best you for you as you can be you

Because you are from me, but not about me, and that is the beauty of life.

You, you snowflake of my loins,

no one is you and I feel lucky and happy to know

I had a part to play in the reproduction of




The advice I give to you,

Is that which I would give myself. 

Police lack the rhetoric to deal with the average out of hand drunkard. They don’t understand his methods like they don’t get basic communication. The situation is basted in failure juices and soon the threats and batons set in.

It’s like fluttering a butterfly knife—you never forget how once you know how.

I don’t want a convection oven wife.

Excerpt from “Delusive Moments.”

There’s a set of definitions. The first one: WHIM, CAPRICE. The second: A fanciful or fantastic device, object, or creation esp. in writing or art. All the coincidence is confounding and I’m certain that this can’t be just coincidence. My mind revels with the assertions and connotations. Just as quickly I start to think about Caprice. How she wandered carelessly into my life and toyed with me. I feel like a launching board for her whimsical exploits. I used to like the idea of being used. Now I’m not too assured of or by that idea. 


I like to think back fondly upon those times

When grass stains were the style and

‘Fuck’ and ‘Shit’ were battling it out for coolest cuss words

A great book and a fine beer pair very well.

A great book and a fine beer pair very well.

"It’s all about setting low expectations if you want your mediocrity to be acceptable."

—Delusive Moments